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Buy ups

Buy a UPS device

When purchasing a UPS, the UPS specifications such as input, UPS output, battery count, power factor and a number of essential must be carefully considered

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Buying the right ups


To buy a UPS, firstly you need to calculate the power of connected equipment to the UPS, calculate the total power consumption, and at the end choose the correct UPS

 :Equipment is usually divided into several categories

 :Buying UPS Online

A number of consumers, such as servers, medical equipment, telecommunications, etc., are sensitive and need to buy online UPS for this purpose

 :Buying Interactive Online UPS

A number of consumers such as computers, cameras, elevators, refrigerators, TVs, and printers (printers) which are not very sensitive, to these consumers usually purchase interactive UPS

So it’s an interactive UPS system that’s not completely uninterrupted like online, but with a stabilizer

 : Buying UPS Offline

A number of consumers, such as lighting, shutters, etc., can be used for offline UPS because the off-line output is the same as an input power

 :The major different between UPS technology

: UPS Online

Fully sinusoidal output, uninterrupted, low weight (due to no trans), high battery count and double converters

 :UPS Interactive Line

Full sinusoidal output, high weight (due to trans), low battery count, stabilizer

:UPS Offline

Quasi-sinusoidal output, high weight (due to trans), no stabilizer, low battery count

Buying a ups

:Some brands of UPS available in the market

:Iranian UPS

Faran, Faratel, Hazhir Sanat, Porsoo, Hirad and Amak

:European UPS

MacPower, Exim Power, Makelsan, Riello, MasterGard, astrid and Chloride

:American UPS


:Chinese UPS

 HRD,KSTAR , Power Max


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