How to look after ups batteries

How to look after ups batteries

The performance of the UPS batteries depends on its battery capacity

UPS Batteries Storage Method

Better Way of Keeping UPS Batteries

The UPS Battery Maintenance Method is an important thing for those who use it and who do not need to recharge the UPS for a long time

How to look after ups batteries- rasamups
ups batteries

:Battery Care UPS

In this article, we will give you some tips on how to keep your UPS battery in better condition

 :Battery cabinet use

Problems such as battery damage and connection cable can damage the UPS device’s battery

Keep the device in place

Designed for UPS battery compartments are available in a variety of battery sizes

These cabinets absorb possible impacts and avoid damaging the battery

 These containers are stainless and their body is highly resistant to fire and other potential hazards

Check UPS battery status

If you want to look after your UPS battery for a long time, it is best to check it for 6 months and test it with a UPS battery tester. UPS batteries are no longer functioning after a while, but by checking their status, repair and service like the first day can be helpful

 You can also see by observing the battery whether it is ok or not

Easy way to test the UPS battery

If you find signs in the UPS system battery such as box breaks, cable corrosion or UPS battery head, battery warming up, it is best to take the necessary steps to repair the battery. At each visit, make sure that the connections between the batteries are fully tight and that the batteries are not oxidized

UPS Battery Storage Method

If it is oxidized, remove the battery first from the circuit and then wipe the battery head thoroughly with boiling water to ensure that the conductors are fully conductive and that the batteries are carefully cleaned. Sulfates don’t get into your skin or into your clothes

 :Careful Selection of UPS System

Pay attention to your device’s UPS to increase the battery life of your device

 Purchasing a high quality device decrease the maintenance times and increase its life

When charging UPS , use a charger that is proportional to the UPS

We recommend that you purchase a device that is charged externally

Because, it should not be on the main board of the UPS and the charger should have its own independent board

 Chargers for each 2V cell charge continuously at a voltage between 0.5 and 1V

 This kind of charging greatly increases the life of the batteries and prevents them from being significantly sulfated

UPS Battery Storage Method

How to look after ups batteries

 :Set temperature around UPS

High temperatures around the UPS device like a destructor can shorten your battery life

A place with normal temperature will increase the battery life of your UPS


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